We are Felicia and Niklas, a swedish couple who loves to be in nature. A few years ago we both had separate near death experiences. Niklas in a skydingaccident with brainbleeding, Felicia with septic shock developing into multiple organ failure, both ended up in comas. The prognosis was critical but we miraculously survived. 


We are so grateful for this opportunity to a second life and have promised ourselves to do something that matters to us. We've learn to see the difference between real and irrelevant fear and have decided to follow our real talents instead of what's safe and comfortable. 


The goal with Cutaway is to create a brand that cares for something that matters. encouraging people to cutaway the routines to go outside to appreciate life and experience the magic of nature. If you love something you'll do anything to protect it.

cutaway by niklas and felicia.png


2018 we launched the first generation of Link, but after launching we got alot of feedback and ideas on how to make it even better. Below you can watch the video about how all started.